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Industrial Ethernet Cables CAT 5

The below mentioned Special Industrial Ethernet cables CAT 5 fulfil the same network demands like our Industrial Ethernet cables CAT 5. They belong to the FAST ETHERNET category with transmission rates of 100 Mbit/s. The distinction between those two groups is the following: SPECIAL means that the Industrial Ethernet CAT 5 cables are either reelable, hybrid cables, or suitable for robots. Thus, they are even more flexible, space-saving, and resistant.

PVC Ethernet cable type A for fixed installation, twisted pairs
PN 678
PUR Ethernet cable type B for flexible applications, twisted pairs
PN 679
PUR Ethernet cable type C, continuously flexible, suitable for cable tracks, twisted pairs
S PN 681
reeling CAN-Bus cable
DR CB 689 P Highflex
Hybrid cable, continuously flexible, suitable for cable tracks with UL recognition
S PN 668 Hybrid
Profinet cable suitable for robots
RT PN 668