SAB Kabel


HV measuring cable

Protected measurement and application in HV areas of electric mobility

Application range

This cable is applied in the field of electric vehicle development wherever a protected measurement and application up to 1000 V DC in HV environments are demanded. Among others in HV power electronics, HV batteries, e motors, inverters, etc. The HV measuring cables are used in test benches and vehicles.

The wide temperature range of -40°C up to + 150°C as well as a high flexibility characterise this product. A special safety feature is the blue inner sheath and the robust outer sheath. Cables in test vehicles are often exposed to extreme mechanical and abrasion stress. If the orange outer sheath is worn through, the visible blue inner sheath signalizes that the operational safety of the cable will not be guaranteed much longer and that the cable has to be exchanged. The two black longitudinal stripes identify the cable clearly as a measuring cable that doesn't belong to the basic equipment of the vehicle.

It is of great importance that HV measuring cables are only used together with a suitable high voltage measuring equipment.

Data sheet: HV measuring cable