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Patch cable

with RJ 45 connector assembly


Wherever patch or connection cables with RJ 45 connectors are needed for communication and network technique with particular requirements on temperature resistance or flexibility, SAB BRÖCKSKES has got the corresponding solution in its portfolio. Due to the offer of different plug connectors and our own cable production, the cable harness can be designed individually.

Additional information

Further cable types are possible on request for example:

  • Besilen® flexible with cold temperatures to -40°C / Besilen® heat resistant up to +220°C
  • sheath material up to 150°C, silicone free
  • different cable lengths
  • various sheath colours and marking
  • different dimensions, sections and number of cores appropriate for CAT 5, CAT 6, CAT 7


You can choose from different plug connectors:

  • Harting
  • Weidmüller
  • Telegärtner
  • Yamaichi


Free choice of pin assignment:

  • EIA/TIA 568A
  • EIA/TIA 568B
  • IEC
  • REA
  • DIN 47.100

Also possible as crossover cable!


Cable variations for example:

  • 2 x 2 x 0,22 mm²
  • 4 x 2 x 0,22 mm²

Cable construction


silver-plated copper strands

core insulation



alu foil / tinned copper braiding

outer sheath

special material

sheath colour

blue (RAL 5015)

Technical data

temperature range

flexible application: -40°C/+90°C

fixed laying: -50°C/+90°C

short-time use: +125°C

special feature

silicone free, Cat. 6