Applications of tray cables

Application of Tray Cable acc. to UL 1277 and Machine-Tool Cable acc. to UL 1063

Application of flexible Power and Control Tray Cable, Typee TC, MTW and WTTC

This special multi-conductor cables shall be permitted for used in power, lighting, control and signal circuits in accordance to the National Electrical Code (NEC), NFPA 70 Article 336. In cable trays, in raceways and in outdoor locations supported by a messenger wire in accordance to Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) Standard of Safety UL 1277. For class I division 2 circuits as permitted in NEC article 501.10 (B) and for class II division 2 circuits as permitted in NEC article 502.10 (B). In industrial establishments where the conditions of maintenance and supervision ensure that only qualified persons service the installation, and where the cables are continuously supported and protected against physical demage using mechanical protection, such as struts, angles or channels.

These Tray Cables comply with the crush and impact requirements of Type TC and are identified for such use with the ER marking on the jacket. The cables are for use as exposed runs between a cable tray and the utilization device where the cables are continuously supported and protected against physical damage and are secured at intervals not exceeding 1.8 m (6 feet). Grounding for the utilization equipment shall be provided by an equipment grounding conductor within the cables. This Tray Cables shall also be permitted to be used in wet locations and are resistant to moisture and corrosive agents. Cables that are surface marked „oil resistant I” have a jacket that is for exposure to mineral oil at temperature not in excess of 60°C (140°F). Marked with „oil resistant II” they have a jacket that is for exposure to mineral oil at temperatures not in excess of 75°C (167°C). The Type TC is flame retardant and self-extinguishing. Also sunlight resistant depending on the jacket color. The cables listed as MTW can be applied in the NFPA 79 machinery area. MTW cables are specified for use acc. to National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and acc. to the National Fire Protection Association Electrical Standard for industrial machinery (NFPA 79). Wind turbine power and control cables are intended to be installed in cable trays or raceways within a wind turbine generator.

Exemplary applications

Recommended applications are machine tools, control systems assembly lines, CNC machining, grinding machines, bottling equipment, data processing equipment and connections between control panels and machines

Exemplary applications

In hazardous (classified) areas class I, Division 2 per NEC Article 501.4 (B), UL Type TC is in accordance with UL standard 1277 and NEC Article 336

Exemplary applications

Can be used to connect alternating current variable frequency drives to alternating current variable frequency motors

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