SAB Kabel

Silicone insulated compensating and extension cables up to +180°C

Compensating cables & thermocouple extension wires halogene free for temperatures up to 180°C for different types of thermocouoples:

for thermocouple          material          temperature range          standard
Type TCu-CuNi-25°C bis +100°CDIN IEC 584
Type JFe-CuNi-25°C bis +200°CDIN IEC 584
Type LFe-CuNi-0°C bis +200°CDIN 43710
Type ENiCr-CuNi-25°C bis +200°CDIN IEC 584
Type KNiCr-Ni-25°C bis +200°CDIN IEC 584
Type NNiCrSi-NiSi-25°C bis +200°CDIN IEC 584
Type SPt Rh 10-Pt-0°C bis +200°CDIN IEC 584
Type RPt Rh 13-Pt-0°C bis +200°CDIN IEC 584

Highly flexible cables according to your special requirements

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