Applications of control and connection cables

Applications of PVC control and connection cables

PVC control and connection cables are particularly suitable for control devices, e.g. on machine tools, conveyor or assembly lines, transporting equipment, production lines and construction of industrial plants. The cables can be moved after installation, especially for alignment and adjustment as well as inspection of machines, provided that the cables are not mechanically overloaded. Wherever a certain protection against electromagnetic interferences is requested cables with a copper screen can be used. These cables are not to be used for outdoor installation. 

Types of Control Cables

In the following overview you will find all types of control cables as well as possible fields of application.


Exemplary applications

Construction of control cabinets, appliances and devices for communication technologies, household appliances, generator, transformer and machine construction

Exemplary applications

Construction of service cabinets and control devices, electrical technology, installation and packaging techniques, construction of textile machines, wood working machines and machine tools


CC 500 B

Exemplary applications

Construction of service cabinets, control devices and machine tools, data processing, packaging machine, textile and wood working machine construction and in cleansing appliances



Exemplary applications

Car manufacturing industry, automation technologies, press and form engineering, machine tools, textile, printing and paper machine construction, surface techniques

Exemplary applications

Car manufacturing industry, automation technologies, press and form engineering, machine tools, textile, printing and paper machine construction, iron and steel industries

Exemplary applications

Packaging and wood working machine construction, press engineering, energy techniques, plastics processing and textile machine construction, electrical technology, beverage racks


ÖZ-0 (E)
ÖZCuY-0 (E)

Exemplary applications

Chemical industry, for intrinsically safe circuits, on control panels in hazardous locations. Marking meets the requirements acc. to DIN VDE 0165 section

Exemplary applications

Machine tool and packaging machine construction, material handling and automation technologies, car manufacturing industry, CNC-machines

Exemplary applications

Our lamp cable is used in the lamp and light industry for the connection of halogen lamps and lighting or rather downlights. This cable is because of design reasons equipped with a transparent PVC outer sheath. The cores have a FEP insulation which is very temperature resistant and which is made to withstand the extremely high temperature of the halogen lights of up to +180°C

Applications of PUR control cables

PUR control and connection cables are particularly suitable for control devices, e.g. on machine tools, conveyor or assembly lines, transporting equipment and production lines. They can be used at high mechanical load for fixed installation or flexible application with free movement, without tensile load and mechanically guided movement in dry, damp and wet rooms. These cables are used wherever abrasion resistance, notch toughness, oil and chemical resistance are strongly requested.

Exemplary applications

Due to the PUR outer sheath very well suitable for: machine and industrial plant construction, material handling techniques (e.g. working platforms and transportation systems), car manufacturing industry, handling and automation technologies, iron, steel and chemical industries

Applications of PUR connection cables

These cables are suitable for the use with high mechanical loads in dry, damp and wet rooms, e.g. as connection cable for electrical appliances and electric tools, particularly at low temperatures.



Exemplary applications

Electric appliance construction (e.g. hand screw driver, drilling machines), electric tool construction (e.g. grass mowing machines, edge cutters, hedge clippers), in brick and cement works, for partial outdoor use

Electric hand appliances (e.g. drilling machines, portable grinders and other electric tools) with high mechanical loads, steel, car manufacturing, mining and chemical industry, wherever the cables get in contact with oil or sharp edges, rough floors or metal scobs, application in dry rooms

Application of control cables with extra chemical resistance

These cables are multi-conductor 600 V control cables with UL recognition, chemical and oil resistant. The reduced outer diameter permits easy handling and installation in confined areas.


TPE control cables Overview and use 

TPE control cables - Description and areas of application

Type descriptionTechnical descriptionExemplary applications

CRX 600

Oil resistant control cable UL and cUL approvedIndustrial painting machinery, water treatment facilities, chemical processing, harsh environments and areas utilizing various cleaning solvents. Control and power supply cables with Extra Chemical Resistance, such as MEK, Acetone, Xylene, Turpentine 

CRX 600 C

Oil resistant control cable with tinned copper screen, UL and cUL approved

Highly flexible cables according to your special requirements

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